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I still can't get over last night's episode!!! here is what i think:
elena dicho i like and not i amor tu becos damon told her ''you would have liked me''
the elena cry when he dicho i amor you, was so emotional as if it was painful for her to hear that and not being able to say it back
publicado hace más de un año
delenakatherine comentó…
also was so happy to hear katherine telling elena that she loved them both! finally she admitted loving damon! that s what i wanted to know cos i never believed her when she dicho to damon she never loved him and that she only loved stefan ! am also a DK shipper and i loved the way katherine touched damon's face with tenderness tu can tell she loves him..but he doesn't anymoreDamon drinking elena's blood was a big moment for me esp when he dicho ''i have too so we can be together forever'' i know he was hallucinating but i think that s overshadowing of what's to come. Also elena didn't protest strongly she was being strong and gentle even if he was hurting her and that shows how much she cares for him DELENA Forever. hace más de un año
delenakatherine comentó…
i forgot to mention how sweet was the way they held hands <3 hace más de un año
Lack of DE is turning me in DK fan! well at least until i get DE..
i think the number of viewers went down because everyone in the mostrar became too serious, there is danger and problems all the time so even the characters became gloomy and serious while in season 1 we did get a lot of happy moments and normal stuff then got ruined por danger..still i don't understand why S1 had más viewers cos i prefer S2! publicado hace más de un año
lizzie_jo5 comentó…
1 word: STELENA hace más de un año
delenaluv comentó…
did the ratings start to go down when ai started? i hate s/e and the lack of d/e but i'm not gonna stop watching tvd. i want to see all of d/e's journey even if i have to suffer through s/e first. if tu dvr it do they still get viewing credit? maybe thats the problem? people tape it then watch it later. i just dont understand if tu watched it from the beginning how do tu stop and viewing go down. i dont think its cause s/e are boring and lack of d/e. the mostrar is good as a whole and we know eventually we'll getour d/e hace más de un año
delenakatherine comentó…
i don't think it s becos of stelena cos it s been reported that S1 had más viewers than S2..i don't understand how someone who watched s1 and then stop watching? personally i thought things got más exciting this season but we got less DE than season 1..DE moments in S2 are stronger but very brief hace más de un año
katie15 comentó…
As much as I would amor to say it's Stelena (and I think they ARE part of the reason in SE centred episodes because it was the same in S1) I don't think it is. I looked at the ratings for the current CW shows and it's the same trend. S1 generally has the most ratings, and each season has less than the last one. Even so, tu don't have to worry because TVD has the best ratings of all CW shows at the moment, AND even GG, that is most likely about to have a S5, didn't have the same ratings as TVD do now when they were on S2. No need to worry :) hace más de un año
OMG this song fits DK so perfectly..can someone please do a video with this song!
I amor this D/E/K video but it will be even better if it had scenes from 2x16
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