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I was just wondering is there a moment where tu just wanted to dip Stefan in Vervein !!! I mean I've never liked him but he really pissed me off this season publicado hace más de un año
thisthat12 comentó…
I have a couple: hace más de un año
thisthat12 comentó…
The moment in 2x19 when he tell Damon that he will never have Elena's respect, the one in 3x12 where he punches Damon for besar Elena, the moments in 3x13, 3x18 & 4x02 where he guilty trips Elena for having feelings for Damon, basically every moment between 4x06-4x13 (except for a few moments in 4x09, 4x10 & 4x12). The Stefan scene that pissed me off the most was the one in 3x20, where he uses Elena's sad state to reset himself in her life. hace más de un año
DelenaLove201_ comentó…
The time he was in the well (finding the moon stone) I hoped they'd leave him in there. hace más de un año
Theres a examen at the VD facebook page tu should try it , it's so funny it asks tu a few preguntas and then tells tu who your perfect match is ... I can't believe I got " Stefan " !!! Anyway I kept trying until I got damon ..... try it and tell me who tu got publicado hace más de un año
4LoveOfDelena comentó…
Just got the hottest Salvatore :) hace más de un año
LoveIsDelena comentó…
link----> THE LINK hace más de un año
DelenaLove201_ comentó…
Vincent Keller's from Beauty and the Beast. hace más de un año
link Read this it's so funny especially the shirtless Damon era publicado hace más de un año