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link publicado hace más de un año
Ok guys please don't hate me but I didnt cry at all in the finale!! I mean it was really sad of course. But with Elena not dead it still gave me hope for Damon and Elena!! yea its going to be hard without Nina but Season 7 is going to have Damon always talking about Elena and How when that time comes that he is going to take the cure and live happily ever after. So I have hope for them. I just feel so bad for Alaric. He has lost his wife,Jenna, and now Jo and his babies!! I want him to be happy publicado hace más de un año
teampetrova comentó…
I cried on the Bonnie-Elena-Caroline part, and the last Delena was so touching! And I'm really mad at Bamon&Stelena's screentime. hace más de un año
MrsDamonSal comentó…
Damon and Bonnie are just friends don't worry. JP already dicho Damon's not going to have eyes for any other girl and think about it, there's no way Bonnie would make the moves on her best friend's pretty much fiancé while she's in a sleep state. That's not Bonnie's character at all. hace más de un año
Speaking of epic finale moments, there is the scene where Damon says to Elena, “How do I prepare to spend 60 years without you?” dado that, can romance no longer be a part of his storyline on this show? publicado hace más de un año
delenafan123 comentó…
JP: There is a line in the script where Elena says to Damon, “I want tu to be happy,” but there was a line that said, “You waited for Katherine and lived your life, so don’t stop your life while tu wait for me.” But we cut it for time and because it was too far. Put it this way: Damon is not falling out of amor anytime soon. He’s not going to look at another girl sideways anytime soon. And I think there’s a lot of fun to be had with Damon, the hottest vampire in town, being like, Ladies, back off. I’m a taken man. I think there’s as much fun to be had in him avoiding women as there is in him indulging in women. I think we’ll honor their pledge for the future hace más de un año
msmysticlove comentó…
This fules my hope :D hace más de un año
Finally Emma says I amor tu to Hook!!! I was so happy publicado hace más de un año
Has anyone heard if Nina Dobrev will be back for the series finale yet?? publicado hace más de un año
teampetrova comentó…
A fan asked it to Julie and she dicho "I can't tell that. But I want to." o something like that. They're probably just trying to make DE fandom watch s7, but who knows, she may come back. hace más de un año
delenafan123 comentó…
ohhh ok. I really hope she does come back for the series finale hace más de un año
MariLena16 comentó…
Julie dicho that after the finale she'll answer it. Clearly. If Nina will be o not in it. hace más de un año
Guys Damon and bonnie are just going to be friends! I believe that season 7 is going to be all about Stefan and Damon working on their relationship and becoming más of a family than enemies, and with Elena gone Stefan can help Damon cope with her being gone and that will make them grow closer as brothers and then hopefully Elena will come back in the series finale and be with Damon and end it there! That is what I think the writers are gonna do because CD dicho that Damon only has eyes for elena publicado hace más de un año
panther-jewel comentó…
Damon could be sad with Elena getting temporarily killed, abducted o put in coma, like he could happily tell about the calls o visits in their long distance relationship, she could still be around played por someone else o many other possibilities. Damon could deal with Stefan [and Lily], with Alaric, Enzo and Bonnie, making up with Caroline and strengthen his bond with Matt. But with what has been created over the years for Delena, with all of the “forever”-stuff lately, with nothing romantic between Bamon, I can’t see Bamon happen romantically. People from the mostrar can’t be trusted, but the por several show-runners repeated declarations fit, and the story has always screamed DE. Even if they don’t want to replace Nina and she refuses to return for the series finale, we could still see a brunette at some distance o from behind causing Damon to smile o at least him leaving the others o arriving at Elena’s universidad o something like that even without her being shown. hace más de un año
Is there a video of the trailer The Longest Ride with Damon and Elena?? That would make an amazing video and it goes so well for both of them. 2 people with completely differnt worlds publicado hace más de un año
When Hook told Emma that she was his happy ending I teared up because Hook has changed so much all because of her and she makes him a better person. Yes he was a villain but what Ariel dicho is that tu can create your own happy ending villain o not tu don't need the autor to give tu what tu want. But Hook is going to protect Emma in every way possible and she is finally opening her corazón to him and I am so glad and I can't wait until she says I amor tu to Hook. Hopefully in the finale publicado hace más de un año
Yay April and Leo are engaged!!!!! But it was under different circumstances because her cancer is back but Leo truly loves her and she truly loves him and I can't wait to see where they go in season 2. But of course the amor triángulo, triángulo de is still going to be set in motion. This mostrar is truly amazing publicado hace más de un año
Does anyone have any ideas on who big A will be? I still think that it could be Aria but I think they will save that for another season. I believe that A could be run por Wren and maybe Toby o Caleb. I just dont know. I went back and watched the episodes that Marlene King gave us clues to help us figure out who A is and Mona was in every single one. I dont know if Mona faked her death o if they are pulling the twin card on us. publicado hace más de un año
lmend66 comentó…
its either wren,or ali hace más de un año