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I was born just a mes and a half after the Princess died and I was also named after her. The people admires her, and I know I'm one of those who amor her so much. I owe her my life and I promise myself someday I'm gonna be a part of Mafia o Al-Qaida and I will avenge her. I don't care if it costs my life, but I'm gonna do everything just to give her the justice she deserved. Someday I'm gonna kill Charles, he's the FUCKER OF THE CENTURY, and Camilla, THE SKAG UGLY WHORE publicado hace más de un año
dpaisita97 comentó…
A mes and a half? Like mid october? Omg me too! I was born Oct 10 and I was named Diana after her hace más de un año
harrypotterbest comentó…
That wouldn't make Diana HAPPY. Killing people won't make Princess Diana happy, she believed in amor and loved everyone. What makes tu think joining a hate group in her name will make her happy? She would rather tu go out there and do something to HELP the world instead of making it worse por hating. Now, I don't know Diana personally, but I'm assuming that's what she would want since she was a kind, caring, loving, compassionate, sympathetic, amazing person. If tu want to make her proud, go do some good in the world. :L hace más de un año
dutch90 comentó…
Granted, I'm NO fan of Prince Charles, but doing away with the father to her children would not be right! Diana would not agree with it at all! hace más de un año