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Artemis_8 apoyar por mí a my articles
I really like your articals! What happened to Diffrent chapter 22 though? I'm really confused.. publicado hace más de un año
daughterof3 comentó…
SO BASICALLY : Rachel Elizabeth dare comes to camp to give a prophetic to the siguiente great water hero. Alena receives the prophetic *One Old enemy shall rise again but only at a hero's hand tu will go north with your quest helping hands Two people will rise but once again fall When tu wield the sword of thieves and messengers.* Chrion gives alena the quest alena chooses A girl named Larley From the Ares cabina and Nico to come with her. Veroinca freaks out but nico tell her to shut up and tells alena hed be happy to help her on her quest. Alena goes to her cabina to pack with nico when he realizes he left his weapons in hades.....:) hace más de un año
Percebeth4Ever dicho …
Where's Diffrent-Chapter22 I can't find it . publicado hace más de un año
daughterof3 comentó…
i loooked everywhere it looks like it got delted if u want i can tell tu what was in the chapter o i can actually rewrite the chapter just let me know so i know what to do. hace más de un año
Percebeth4Ever comentó…
If u could just send a message saying what happens cause I got no idear what's goingon.Thx hace más de un año
big smile
redhawks apoyar por mí a my articles
Wow I really like your articles. They are really great. Keep 'em coming! publicado hace más de un año
Dancin4evah comentó…
I do too. hace más de un año