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  • Male, 16 years old
  • Tauranga , New Zealand
  • Favorite TV Show: YouTube.
    Favorite Movie: Alpha and Omega.
    Favorite Musician: Spotify
    Favorite Book or Author: Diary of a wimpy kid series
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WolfFreeland dicho …
Okey! I hate to say this but it just that The A&O VR is Never going to Happen publicado hace 20 días
Zach-Coley dicho de alpha y omega
I'm actually surprised tu guys aren't that amazed, if at all amazed at the fact that i have read the original Alpha and omega treatment that NO ONE ELSE HERE HAS SEEN BEFORE!!! But anyway. tu guys obviously don't care that i have actually showed something that tu guys actually believe is real BECAUSE IT IS REAL! BTW! I mean guys this is seriously big news! the treatment is sooooo different from the original film that we all know and "might" love? I'm not spamming! BTW! JSYK publicado hace 2 meses
Zach-Coley comentó…
If that isn't a big deal to tu guys? then i'm not sure what is!? hace 2 meses
Kishin_Kira comentó…
Its fine. hace 2 meses
QueenWhiskey comentó…
Its Fine. hace 2 meses
Zach-Coley dicho de alpha y omega
Hi guys here are enlaces to some of the fotos of the gift my friend Michael killey got from A&O's creator Steve Moore link and the front page of the Treatment for Alpha and Omega. Steve used this to pitch the idea of A&O to Lionsgate back in 2006. Check it out! publicado hace 2 meses
Zach-Coley comentó…
A film treatment in case tu are wondering according to Steve Moore it is like a roadmap and the final A&O script was based off this treatment. hace 2 meses
Zach-Coley comentó…
So the gift is a document from Steve Moore and it has a copy of the original treatment for A&O in it. That's what my friend Michael received from Steve Moore In Idaho all the way to New Zealand. I can't mostrar tu guys it though as Steve dicho he'd prefer that Michael and I only mostrar the cover of the treatment and the message that Steve wrote to Michael. That's whatcha the enlaces go to on fanpop. hace 2 meses
Kishin_Kira comentó…
Cool man, but do tu mind not spamming our muro posts with your stuff? We can see your pictures from the club muro and will comentario when o if we feel like it. Its annoying when tu spam enlaces on our posts. hace 2 meses
Zach-Coley comentó…
Ok I was not intending to spam. I apologise if it is annoying. hace 2 meses