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I'm keeping track on the updates, lol. TGTDHD - Chapter 9 found here: link publicado hace más de un año
hola guys, Chapter 8 has been posted, and BlueWonderland was right, there is a lot in store in this chapter, so don't miss it! ;D publicado hace más de un año
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WolfMaster5 dicho de dramione
I created another club to tribute the awesome fanfic, 'Isolation' por Bex-Chan. I freaking amor it! Definately my 2nd favourite dramione fanfic after 'To Give The Devil His Due'.

if you're lectura it too, o just like thew sound of it, plz registrarse here: link

if tu haven't and are curious, read it here:
link It's bloody amazing so far =D publicado hace más de un año
HPCouples comentó…
Okay, I'm going to join. :D Woo!! xD hace más de un año
xHardcoreBunnyx comentó…
Kk hace más de un año