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mhs1025 dicho …
I've got an idea, and I wanna hear your intake. The DP's meeting face-to-face for the first time. Any maker can be used. And as a special treat, we can include unofficial DP's like Anna, Elsa, and Moana. (You know, as in Anna, Elsa, and Moana meeting some the official DP's.) If that seems too much, let me know. publicado hace 16 días
Swanpride comentó…
I checked the calendar, and tu are in luck...Wreck it Ralph 2 will be released soon, so to honor the movie, the theme is a perfect fit hace 16 días
mhs1025 comentó…
Sweet! Also, any make can be used on Azalea's muñecas and Doll Divine. If that seems too complicated, we'll just stick with Azalea's Dolls. :) hace 16 días
mhs1025 comentó…
I think it was the princess maker. In order for people to use that maker, they're going to have to keep the DP in the center. hace 14 días
AnimaIuco dicho …
Hi dear! I'd amor if tu left a comentario in my poll, maybe voice your opinion in the subject?

It's that you're a huge BatB fan and I've never seen anything written por tu about the live action.. I'd amor to see some of your thoughts publicado hace 1 mes
Swanpride comentó…
Oh, I have...Beauty and the Beast was the fairy tale I covered last año on my wordpress bog, Honoring the heroine...and what I dicho back then still stands: I just think that it is pointless and I have no intention to discuss it. Anywhere. (Sorry). hace 1 mes
AnimaIuco comentó…
No problem! Are cine and Lyrics and Honoring the Heroine your current blogs? Is there any other? hace 1 mes
AnimaIuco comentó…
I just had a nice time lectura your Honoring the Heroine articulo about Belle. But the way tu answered to my pregunta it seemed that the articulo dicho something about the live action. Anyway, I agree that it's pointless. hace 1 mes
Swanpride comentó…
Well, it did...that it is pointless. Have tu seen Lindsey Ellis excellent vid about it? To me the BatB remake represents everything which is currently wrong with Disney. hace 1 mes
Sparklefairy375 apoyar por mí a my answers
Okay, so for the siguiente theme I wanted to use this Epic ángel dress up: link

The título is Fallen ángel and the princess is free-pick. publicado hace 1 mes