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HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY SALLY !!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁 publicado hace más de un año
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SALLY did tu here! Chris Colfer's Twitter got hacked and it freaked out the entire glee Fandom! How are tu I still miss tu when will tu be back on. Happy Ramadan. :) but thank goodness Chris is ok cause of the guy who hacked his account. publicado hace más de un año
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Hi Sally! How have tu been? Did tu see the Chris Colfer episode on glee Old perros New Tricks? I missed you. publicado hace más de un año
big smile
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~CONTEST~ Johnny Depp - hola everyone! post your favourite pic of Johnny Depp smoking!
the prize: 20 props!


tu have until 25th march to add a pic...then there will be a encuesta and tu can vote!
lots of luck!
publicado hace más de un año
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Go vote for your LEAST favorito! couple (of my parte superior, arriba 20 couples) :) (ROUND 3)

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I don't really miss school :P The kids were awful, so the teachers! I hate most the people in school! I only miss some good times in classroom with my friends (who are around to 3) and the breaks when we were having fun! But college life is wayy better! tu feel más freedom and you're happier. (well most of the time, because I cry a lot this period xD)
What do tu mean tu feel hated? :( por the people? If yes, I'll come there and beat them up :3 publicado hace más de un año
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Oh yeah I forgot gays are not allowed in Iraq :/ I wish things were different...Have tu ever met someone gay?(boy o girl) hace más de un año
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I doubt they ever come to Greece for shooting because as a country we have economical problems and most of the celebridades rather my country :( But Darren dicho once in an interview with a Greek journalist that he would like to be in Greece! Wait a minuto to find the link! hace más de un año
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and OH MY GOD HAPPY NEW año :D I was escritura all this time and I forgot to say it!! I wish every dream to come true and be always seguro :) hace más de un año
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Hiiiiiiii <33 :DDDD
Happy New Year!! :))))
haha yeah I guess tu wouldn't really notice it. Do tu celebrate New Years?
That sounds cool <3
YESS!! I knew we would have exactly the same opinion the episode was terrible! and your right definitely not for kids in some parts -.- it was one of the worst por far! publicado hace más de un año
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Yess you're right, the darkest period of your life. Exactly! Yesterday I was talking with a friend who's one año older than me and she told me that the exam año (the same as yours) was an ok año for her. I don't know why! But for me it was the worst year!!
Well tu never know...Maybe one día glee cast will visit Iraq for an episode and tu will go to see him, talk to him, take pictures with him, hug him, kiss him...LOL :P I am thinking the same thing! ;) publicado hace más de un año
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But not for Chris. I would like to see, talk, take picture, hug, kiss (and probably marry:P) my Dylan baby<33 But I'm thinking that in Greece there is an island, Mykonos, which is known for it's gay people! Gays go there for holidays! Plus there is another island, Lesvos, where Sappfo was born, lived and wrote her poems!! So why they can't visit those island for episode shooting?xD hace más de un año
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Well I guess I'm in amor with Elliott, not Adam...My all time favorito! song is Marry the night even thought is a cover! And I also like What do tu want from me! I was listening to this when I was younger but I didn't know it was Adam's! What about you? hace más de un año
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Yes I think I've might become kinda depressing with all these stuff going in my life this period, but these days are amazing to me and they're totally make me feel better!:) I'm sorry for your friend troubles too:( Yes I know that feeling because that was happening a few years hace and it kind of happening now...And it's not only that! Some times I feel like I can't breath! About the amor's not that simple this time, but I'm getting over it día por día :) hace más de un año
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YESSSSSSSSSSSS I know that did made my day!!! :D :D And we're not talking about one scene. We're talking about sceneS, Valerie and Toxic!!!!! Oh my God I can't wait I just can't!!! These are the moments I want to kiss Ryan!!!! hace más de un año
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Heeeeyyyyy!!! <3 :DDD
That's totally fine ;))
Oh no really? I'm so sorry that sounds really bad! it's your last año right?
Aww thank tu soooo much! <333 I hope tu had a lovely day/Christmas also :)
Yeah I agree it is a little sad, I'm sorry tu don't get to celebrate it. Do tu have something similar to Christmas? like a día o tradition?
Thanks Yeah they are such cuties! <333
What were your thoughts on the glee navidad episode? I am guessing mine would be pretty much the same! :/ publicado hace más de un año
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hola Sally!!! I missed tu <333
That's totally fine I understand :D
I am doing Great thanks I have finished school for good just over a mes hace and now I'm looking adelante, hacia adelante to X-mas How about you? How have tu been?
amor Your Chris icono ;) publicado hace más de un año