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ShadowFan100 dicho de misceláneo
Did I ever mention that I made a friend while at this program for people who have disabilities? The program is called Prospect, and they do all kinds of things--go on outings and even volunteer to help others in need and such. But back to my friend, his name's Jacob and he's a local furry. I actually found a furry that lives 20min away from me. He's also Autistic as well (YAY), and is one of few people there I can actually talk to. publicado hace 1 mes
ShadowFan100 comentó…
No offense to the other people there (who have much más severe disabilities), but I can’t relate to them as well as I can with Jacob. We have different likes/dislikes of course, but still. hace 1 mes
ShadowFan100 comentó…
We text back and forth about stuff, and we even made plans to hang out at his place last week. But unfortunately, I was unable to do so due to my aunt having a flat tire (of all days). I’m still not over that, but hopefully I’ll be able to tomorow. hace 1 mes
ShadowFan100 comentó…
I really is comforting. In fact, we even hung out last week and had a good time. hace 24 días
ShadowFan100 dicho de misceláneo
I’m loving the new bag I got for my birthday. I seriously needed a newer one, after carrying around my old one from 2012. Oh, and I bet no one can guess my age now. 😎 publicado hace 2 meses
zanhar1 comentó…
I got a Within Temptation bag for navidad and it is one of the most useful gifts I have ever gotten. hace 2 meses
ShadowFan100 comentó…
Nice! Mine is just a plain bag, with many places to put my stuff in. I also got a DBZ shirt, and Tokyo shirt. So, yeah, I had a good birthday. hace 2 meses
TheLefteris24 comentó…
I could really use a new bag myself !!!! hace 1 mes
ShadowFan100 dicho de misceláneo
Is it sad that I’m only watching this Netflix original called “Black Mirror” simply because Miley Cyrus is in it? Seriously, tho, the episode I’m watching is getting intense. Anyone else ever watch Black Mirror? publicado hace 3 meses
melodybryant comentó…
nope never heard of it! but i will check it out! hace 3 meses
Lusamine comentó…
I have never watched it, albeit I really want to. Psychological mysteries and such are my addiction. I heard the ending(s) were inconclusive and half-baked though. hace 3 meses
Riku114 comentó…
^Same to be honest hace 3 meses