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ShadowFan100 dicho de misceláneo
So, aside from my aunt forbidding me from wearing feminine attire in public, she’s also recently told me that (even if I managed to por myself any of these) I’m forbidden from wearing the following things in

Traditional Japanese attire (kimonos and yukatas)
Traditional Irish attire (kilts)
Wigs of any kind
Trench coats

I can’t wait to get a job somewhere, to earn my own money, and my own place. I never knew how strict my aunt was, until now. publicado hace 8 días
ShadowFan100 comentó…
I should totally make a lista of everything my aunt forbids me from doing. And there’s a lot. But on a brighter note, I recently applied for KFC. I can’t wait to hear back from them. 😊 hace 8 días
ShadowFan100 comentó…
And speaking of jobs, I’ve also applied to: Tennessee Cheesecake, as well as this other place called Michael’s. My sister tells me that applying for multiple jobs is a good way to bet myself noticed. Hope it works. hace 8 días
ShadowFan100 comentó…
^ And that’s exactly what I plan to do from now on. I actually looked up what Lolita was, and it’s pretty cute. At least to me, it is. I say: As long as you’re not hurting yourself o others, do what makes tu happy. And wearing feminine attire definitely makes me happy. 😊 hace 1 día
ShadowFan100 dicho de misceláneo
Anyone here play Fortnite? My display name is: Felix1990 publicado hace 29 días
Riku114 comentó…
Aye Fortnite hace 28 días
Riku114 comentó…
Fortnite is great even tho im not particularly the best at it XD hace 28 días
2ntyoneplts comentó…
How dare tu say that cursed word! XD jk hace 21 días
ShadowFan100 dicho de misceláneo
Wanna know how tu can experience a hangover without getting drunk? Simple: Be awake for 24+ hours, and then go to cama at when tu normally would, and wake up 7 hours later. That's how I feel right now, and I just want to die. Why do I do this to myself? publicado hace 1 mes
Mauserfan1910 comentó…
>implying this isn't my norm hace 1 mes