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miley cyrus

Post A Beautiful Picture Of Miley!

6 answers | my answer: I think she's matter what picture!!...

are u looking adelante, hacia adelante to the new superman movie ( the man of Steal )

1 answer | my answer: Yeabsolutely!!!!...I can't wait!!
julia roberts

What is your favorito! julia roberts movie?

16 answers | my answer: Pretty woman is my best movie of Julia!!...funny an...
wwe divas

who makes your blood boil more???

5 answers | my answer: kelly kelly and torrie wilson and candice michelle
iron man

DO tu like this ironman video?

3 answers | my answer: Oh hec yeahhh!! cool!!

Who is your all-time favourite wrestler?

22 answers | my answer: I like John Cena And The Rock..!! They are the Bes...

what are the names of some people tu want to see as guest hosts on raw?

11 answers | my answer: I think it should be Sylvester Stallone, Arnold and...
Hulk- el hombre increíble

who killed hulk

2 answers | my answer: NOBODY DID!! He's too tough..
Rey Mysterio

do tu like rey mysterio más o sin cara

2 answers | my answer: I luv 'em both..they kinda like the same!!
Vanessa Hudgens vs Demi Lovato

Why does Vanessa Hudgens take naked pictures??(BE SPECIFIC!)

11 answers | my answer: maybe because the illuminati dicho so....and to also...