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la guerra de las galaxias

What are your thoughts on The Last Jedi tralier?

3 answers | my answer: I thought it was good Carrie and Mark were both ama...
la guerra de las galaxias

Do tu Think Darth Vader Loved Leia por the time he died? and another pregunta as well.

5 answers | my answer: Of course he loved Leia he told Luke to tell her he...
harry potter

how does ron make it snow

2 answers | my answer: When did Ron make it snow ?

How old are you?

28 answers | my answer: 28 but I'm Turing 29 in may
gilmore girls

Does anyone want to buy my Gilmore Girls fan Fest tickets, please?! I am a Harvey flood victim and cannot use them. And the festival founders won't help me sell them o give a refund. :-(

1 answer | my answer: I hope things are getting better for u
one tree hill

What does Lucas' tattoo means ?

13 answers | my answer: i always wonder that to. they never said.
Buffy, la cazavampiros

was Buffy supposed to end at season 7.....???

7 answers | my answer: No it was suppose to be the last season but I would...
como conocí a su madre

Just wondering who made this spot....

1 answer | my answer: Me to its a good one so thank u to whoever made it...

What is your favorito! navidad mostrar o movie?

7 answers | my answer: Sant class with Tim Allan
sailor moon

Is Rini in amor with her dad(Darien)?

1 answer | my answer: No