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disney pixar cars 2

In two o three frames of the video game trailer of Cars 2,I saw Grem in the group headed por Finn McMissile. It will only be a lista of unlocked characters, o there will really be a betrayal in the movie against Zundapp? Intriguing!

1 answer | my answer: Interesting! If Professor Z treats his minions badl...
disney pixar cars 2

Cars 3 ??

16 answers | my answer: I'd be surprised if pixar announced solid plans to...
disney pixar cars 2

Where Did Mater Get That Balloon That Was On His Tow Cable?

3 answers | my answer: It's "Kersploosh Mountain," a water park along the...
Finn McMissile

Whats your view on Finn?

1 answer | my answer: I think of him as a role model, actually. He's myst...