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ttlover12 dicho …
club BOO YAH! publicado hace más de un año
Erza7Scarlet apoyar por mí a my images
A estrella has 5 ends.
A square has 4 ends.
A triángulo, triángulo de has 3 ends
A line has 2 ends.
But the circulo, círculo of our friendship has no end.
........................♥♥............................ ..........
.Send this to all your best friends including me , if ...............I am one!
if tu get 5 back , tu are a good friend
If tu get 10 , tu are popular.
If tu get 15 back, damn I'm jealous! publicado hace más de un año
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I amor your Edward Elric perfil icono picture. And i just added you. publicado hace más de un año
ilovemichael17 dicho …
i'm wondering why tu dislike me? i remember tu getting mad at me and completely ignoring me what have i done to make tu dislike me? i'm very sorry for whatever i did publicado hace más de un año
RobinFan360 comentó…
I don't remember that? I'm very sorry if I did :( hace más de un año
ilovemichael17 comentó…
it's ok it's in the past let's start over hi! how are you? hace más de un año
ilovemichael17 comentó…
Aww:( does it feel better now if not I hope it gets better hace más de un año
big smile
RobinFan360 dicho de Sims 4
YES!!! THEY ANNOUNCED IT! It'll be out siguiente year! publicado hace más de un año
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thanx for the add i hope we can become good friends publicado hace más de un año
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hi!!! I wanted to tell u that u actually have to pronounce my name like the way u did (like the Japanese word for green-midori) but I changed it a bit coz i found that the nombre de usuario midori was already taken!!!
btw how r u?? ^_^ publicado hace más de un año
Why are there two SAO clubs? -_- publicado hace más de un año
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Thanks u for add back ;) publicado hace más de un año
big smile
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Thanks for the add back! publicado hace más de un año