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2ntyOnePilots apoyar por mí a my videos
Thanks my dude. 🤟 publicado hace 1 día
2ntyOnePilots dicho …
Ok ok ok... let me be honest.
It’s been a tough week. (An understatement)
Uhhh a friend of mine overdosed Thursday. Her suicide attempt failed though, and she’s in the Mental hospital, no visitors. I can say, this didn’t come as a shock to me, because I know her and I’ve been supporting and doing my best to help her along for a while now. But. Still. We almost lost her this time.
I know she’s probably getting help she needs, but who wouldn’t be worried?! publicado hace 2 días
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A lot más goes into this, and tbh, driving myself up a muro por th8nking about what happened before and everything right now isn’t useful at all, nor is it healthy. hace 2 días
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A that to say..... I’m not really super ticked off about my case manager. Just probably trying to find something else to think/ feel / cover up with. Not that it is justified to reframe things like that. Just coping. Just insanely intensely and overwhelmingly concerned/ worried/ empathetic for her. BUT. Less so because thinking about stuff doesn’t help it when tu don’t have any control over it. Honestly my brain goes “oh that sucks *dissociate* *re direct* *block out* problem not solved but fuck it” and 8m hoping to avoid the self sabotage underlying tendencies “oh wait.., I have bad history with this! *trauma brought back up* yeah! Suffering! Oh and think about: and what if: she probably is: Here’s an intensely excruciating memory to go with all that!” hace 2 días
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Just. Yeah. I’m alright. But... still. hace 2 días
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Maybe Ill do something XD publicado hace 2 días
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YEET !!!! hace 2 días
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Same hace 2 días
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Ironically may= my birthday hace 2 días