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  • 114 years old
  • Your trash can.
  • Favorite TV Show: A lot of animes. (KnB, KHR, FMAB, etc). supernatural
    Favorite Movie: I don't really watch too many cine but Pirates of the Caribbean is always fun to watch, plus anime movies.
    Favorite Musician: DCI. Show/Game/Anime soundtracks. BTS. Monsta X. Hollywood Undead. Linkin Park. Halsey. (too many to list)
    Favorite Book or Author: I wish I had más time to read things other than manga. But I must recommend, read the webcomic "Bastard"
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Riku114 dicho de Riku114
Also I seriously dont know how Im supposed to do college without Lucy... por no means do I trust him with my mom since shes made all of my most people-loving birds fairly wild....

But hes so precious and adores me. Makes me feel nice and loved. publicado hace 9 horas
Riku114 dicho de Riku114
Guys, I gave my boyfriend a lista of dere types and his judgement is I am a mix of Tsundere and Yandere. However with certain moods of mine I am also a hardcore Kuudere. But his two main ones for me were Tsundere and Yandere. publicado hace 9 horas
Riku114 dicho de Riku114
Pictures of birds make my day. Birds are just such derps that its amazing. publicado hace 11 horas