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NightFrog dicho de gótico
Happy World Goth Day! publicado hace 5 meses
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Hi publicado hace 5 meses
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H*A*P*P*Y + N*E*W _ Y*E*A*R + 2*0*1*8 !!! :-) publicado hace 9 meses
Guys, I understand the urge to share a good video when tu find one, but can we please cool it with the 10+ videos a día thing and spread it out a little bit? publicado hace 9 meses
Seanthehedgehog comentó…
o at least post GOOD videos. Those música videos are garbage. hace 9 meses
NightFrog comentó…
8 videos in 4 hours is REALLY excessive. It spams the update feed, and it doesn't even give people time to watch the videos if they'd want to. It's ridiculous. hace 9 meses
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What's good o not is really subjective and depends on everyone's tastes, the main problem is that too many videos are being added in such a short span of time. Even if they're considered good to a majority of people, it's still too much. hace 9 meses
NightFrog dicho de carrie fisher
Today marks a whole año of Carrie Fisher being gone - at least, in the physical sense. She'll always be around, in every other sense, and I'm grateful for what she left us. Be it her books, her films, her activism, her inspiration. Carrie on. publicado hace 9 meses
big smile
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And a belated Merry navidad to tu too. Hope it was a good one! publicado hace 9 meses
DarkSarcasm comentó…
(also: hello stranger I'm glad to see you're alive and back and stuff =P) hace 9 meses
NightFrog comentó…
Thank you! Glad to be back. hace 9 meses
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Dude, you're back! publicado hace 10 meses
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Yeah, I missed being on here. : ) hace 10 meses
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Great to see tu again. Are tu still into Avatar? hace 10 meses
NightFrog comentó…
Oh yeah, always will be probably. hace 10 meses
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Any chance I could get tu to vote and maybe leave a comentario in this disney encuesta I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comentario and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) publicado hace más de un año
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For giving me a place to unleash my Fiona rage. publicado hace más de un año
I hate it that Kuvira apologized to Su for the 'grief' she caused on her family. Su should have listened to Kuvira when she expressed interest in helping their nation - instead she ignored her and acted like it was 'wrong.' She tried to assassinate her. She treated her coldly before she even got out of hand. Su took her in, but didn't regard her as a daughter (in my eyes, anyway.) Su should have apologized long ago, but instead told her "she'll answer for everything she's done." publicado hace más de un año
bakes2389 comentó…
Agreed with all of this! I also hated when Su dicho to Kuvira "you're going to answer for everything you've done." I'm sorry, but what about Bataar Jr.? He is just as guilty, but Su tells him that they will get through it as a family. I really hate Su, and don't tu amor how she isn't answering for abandoning the earth nation and attempting assassination twice? hace más de un año
zanhar1 comentó…
Gosh yes! Why is it that Baatar got away Scott free when he built the mecha-suit? He did just as much as she did. Not cool. I mean Kuvira's corazón was always in the right place, she apologized, and she called off her army in then end as sh was being arrested. Shouldn't she get a segundo freaking chance? hace más de un año