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mooshka dicho …
Just noticed your icono <33 publicado hace 17 días
Nicolas97 comentó…
</33333 hace 16 días
drewjoana apoyar por mí a my comments
Beautiful icon.
My corazón breaks for Luke, may he rest in peace!
Hugs publicado hace 17 días
Nicolas97 comentó…
Mine too </333 hace 16 días
rachel713 dicho …
crap, i'm sorry for blocking your character picks, i didn't notice you'd started them :( <333 publicado hace 21 días
Nicolas97 comentó…
No worries!! tu did start first lmao :D hace 20 días
rachel713 comentó…
<33333 hace 19 días
marakii dicho …
NAIIIII <33333333333333 publicado hace 28 días
Nicolas97 comentó…
Ε ΗΡΘΕ Η ΩΡΑ! hace 28 días
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⋱ ⋮ ⋰....
⋯🌕 ⋯...
⋱⋰⋱♬  ⋱⋰⋱❀ ♥ Happy ♥
.. 🌼 🌸 🌼 🌸 🌼 🌸 🌼Spring ♥     
▂业▂业▂业▂业▂业▂业▂业▂🌷🌷🌷 publicado hace 1 mes
dianama97 dicho …
hola Nic! How's it going? It's been a while. It's Diana, por the way. (Twilightlover73) publicado hace 1 mes
Nicolas97 comentó…
Hey, Diana! I've been great, I hope everything is good with tu as well! :) hace 1 mes
rachel713 dicho …
wow, that sounds really interesting! i'm happy you're enjoying it :D
aww, that's nice!! yeah, i like english but i'm mostly doing it for the teacher studies, and also for some creative escritura benefits. i'm also thinking of doing a bachelor's in video game design. maybe!
thank you, i can't wait to teach <3 actually i'm living in finland right now, i've got an apartment and everything, so that's where i'll go back to after this semester :) i might come back here sometime! publicado hace 1 mes
rachel713 comentó…
and i've got a lot of traveling ahead of me this año and siguiente año so i feel really lucky!! hace 1 mes
rachel713 comentó…
what about you, do tu know where you'd like to live eventually? :) hace 1 mes
rachel713 dicho …
political science sounds so interesting! i bet it's too smart for me though, i'm always in awe of other people's majors :P and here i am, an english lit major XD journalism sounds like fun! i think tu would be really good at that.
heh, i guess i already mentioned my major just there :P yeah, i'm an english lit major, i wanna be an elementary school teacher so i'm doing the language studies first and then doing a masters in teaching! publicado hace 1 mes
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Have a magical week, and a lovely Valentine's día 💗 publicado hace 1 mes
rachel713 dicho …
wow, that's great!! what are tu studying? any plans for after college? :) well, i'm doing a año abroad in birmingham right now, it's a lot of fun! <3 publicado hace 1 mes