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Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that it seems like opinions aren’t really being respected here. I understand that we all have our different vistas and opinions, but insisting that you’re view is correct and mine is wrong is a bit too much for me. I know I haven’t been on the club in a while, but I wasn’t expecting such a harsh reaction to my articulo just because I like Moana. It makes me más inclined to just close my computer than to keep trying to get my point across >_< publicado hace 5 meses
wavesurf comentó…
^I am sorry, but I can't always agree with you. I never "insisted" that my view was "the only view" to have, nor did I say yours was incorrect. I said, at the end, that "But I do not appreciate it the same way." That's different from saying "right o wrong." hace 5 meses
simrananime comentó…
I don't know anything about the articulo but just because someone stated their point of view doesn't mean they are trying to insist, convince tu of something o doesn't respect your opinion. Tho I can see why tu feel this way because some people genuinely do that with intent to disrespect others but I don't think that's the case with the DP club. hace 5 meses
JNTA1234 comentó…
I wasn't trying to be insistent. I just thought we were having a back and forth. Plenty of favorito! lista artículos have debates in the comentario sections all the time. Like I dicho tu shouldn't have to apologize for liking Moana. I apologize for making tu feel that way, I feel like that about liking Tiana sometimes. And that's just how wavesurf talks in general, don't take it personally. hace 5 meses
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Beautiful banner <33 publicado hace 9 meses
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Thanks so much! hace 9 meses
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Thanks for adding me! publicado hace 11 meses