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taylor swift


11 answers | my answer: How about this?
miley cyrus

✰ ѕмιℓєя CONTEST 1 ღ

23 answers | my answer: Mine <33

What 3 songs help tu through the day?

31 answers | my answer: Little Things- One Direction Change Your Life -...

What are tu doing today for New Years ?

7 answers | my answer: Just Fangirling and Fanpoping...nothing much to do....

Your Favourite Youtubers?

14 answers | my answer: Mine : Smosh JacksFilm Danisnotonfire kevjumba...

parte superior, arriba 3 obsessions right now?

43 answers | my answer: One Direction Demi Lovato Little Mix

Describe your mom in one word!!!

38 answers | my answer: queen

Describe urselfs....

8 answers | my answer: Awkward. Weird. Childish :)

can tu guess the song?

1 answer | my answer: Astronaut por The Simple Plan.

Whats your favorito! Song , Band and Solo Singer

9 answers | my answer: My Fave Song is Best Song Ever por One Direction. F...