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I'm trying to make a lista of my favourite princesses, but wow is this hard work! Haha!

I'm going on romance, waredrobe, challenge she had to overcome (ie threat of villian), and her canto voice. Hope it will be an interesting articulo :) publicado hace más de un año
sunnyson comentó…
Hope it turns out well. hace más de un año
princesslullaby comentó…
Um, you're REALLY judging on wardrobe and romance? How about juding on PERSONALITY hace más de un año
pretty_angel92 comentó…
lool, i agree. judging on wardrobe and romance is really stupid hace más de un año
pink124 apoyar por mí a my comments
i like too images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! publicado hace más de un año
I had a lovely día today! I watched Tarzan and The Princessa and the Frog today. It's really nice to see cine where the leading ladies have a little más character than being a damsel in distress. publicado hace más de un año
Gleek4ever comentó…
sounds like a día well spent! hace más de un año
Mongoose09 comentó…
i say this everytime Tarzan is mentioned in someones post but TARZAN IS AWESOME. hace más de un año
MerlinGamer comentó…
It was really fun to watch! I "inherited" a lot of disney VHS, and have only just gotten around to watching that one again. I watched it when it came out and havn't seen it since :) hace más de un año