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  • Female, 19 years old
  • New Mexico
  • Favorite TV Show: Madoka magica, Fullmetal alchemist, Serial experiments Lain, weeb trash
    Favorite Musician: Disturbed, bauhaus, godsmack, dawn of demise, joy division, the smiths, papa roach, backstreet boys
    Favorite Book or Author: yes
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Mauserfan1910 dicho de misceláneo
lechuga king foot burger publicado hace 1 día
2ntyOnePilots comentó…
Burger King lechuga foot hace 1 día
2ntyOnePilots comentó…
King foot lechuga burger hace 1 día
SilentForce comentó…
Foot King lechuga Burger hace 17 horas
Mauserfan1910 dicho de misceláneo
I just want to fucking die. I don't get it, I've been doing so well, I was happy, I get like 3 days of being happy between months of depression and I really fucking hate it. I just want to fucking smile publicado hace 1 día
Karoii-chan comentó…
What is it called..... postpartum depression? Either way, I hope you'll get happier más often. Please don't get discouraged. It'll all work out sooner, o later, hopefully. hace 1 día
Karoii-chan comentó…
Besides... Melody, your family and your friends need tu in their lives. Just keep thinking about those who like tu and care for your condition! hace 1 día
TheLefteris24 comentó…
^^^ I agree as well. Same here for everything tu might need !!!! hace 1 día
2ntyOnePilots apoyar por mí a my videos
Hope you’re doing gr8 m8! publicado hace 2 días