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hola guys just a heads up that I won't be online this weekend. I've got friends staying with me and won't have time. I'm not abandoning POTM o anything - más encuestas will be coming siguiente week! publicado hace 4 días
BB2010 comentó…
Have fun with your friends! :) hace 4 días
tiffany88 comentó…
Have fun :) hace 3 días
MaidofOrleans comentó…
Thanks guys, I will! :D hace 3 días
deedragongirl comentó…
Princess of the mes has returned! tu can participate in deciding who will be POTM for November if tu head over to the foros :) publicado hace 13 días
tiffany88 comentó…
Sounds great, this spot needs a bit más life :)) hace 13 días
So ya girl FINALLY saw the new Aladdin. I thought it was middle of the road as far the as the remakes go. I actually liked it más than the original, but that's just because I'm not a huge aladdín fan. Everyone has talked about how Jafar was a miscast, so I won't go into that because enough has been said. Mena Massoud was an ok Aladdin, but I didn't think his actuación was all that great. He just didn't deliver the character very naturally, and I felt like I could tell he was actuación the whole time. publicado hace 16 días
MaidofOrleans comentó…
en general, general I really liked what they did with Jasmine's character, and I thought Naomi Scott did a good job. I appreciated that there was más of a focus on jazmín as a character and I LOVED that she had the goal of becoming sultan. That made her infinitely más interesting to me. I especially liked that she went to the market to learn más about her people rather than just to escape the palace. I did, however, miss her sassy side. It's the main thing I like about the animated version of her so I was sad to see that cut. hace 16 días
MaidofOrleans comentó…
Will Smith made a valiant effort as genie, and I actually thought he did a really good job with what he was given, but the character still felt like it was written for Robin Williams, so I blame the writers for any failings on Smith's part. The character needed to be completely rewritten specifically for Will Smith's style of humor for it to work, and unfortunately they didn't do that. I still thought the movie was funny though, especially the jams joke haha. hace 16 días
BB2010 comentó…
I feel like some stuff was rushed while some stuff kinda dragged on but that’s probably because the scenes that dragged on for me were the ones I didn’t like. I don’t think this is one of the best remakes but I thought it was still enjoyable enough if you’re not thinking too much about some things and just sitting back and enjoying it. Personally I wasn’t a fan of the jams bit :p I’m glad tu liked the movie! hace 16 días