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FanboyHater dicho …
^M_gann Bambi is a memetic loser because of how cutesy the films are made. Your eyes are blind and monochromatic to not notice how we get to nothing of the mature badass adult Bambi and instead get just his his cutesy adular, fawn version, but get both versions of Simba. Moron. DC also sucks in general. Nothing but OP Alien shit and superman and Batman. publicado hace 11 meses
NoNoobs dicho …
@M_gann DC sucks. Marvel is way better. Also, your eyes are creepy. publicado hace más de un año
NoNoobs comentó…
Bambi is a laughing stock because how much adult Bambi merchandise do tu see? While at the same time we get both versions of Simba. Bambi is made fun of for being cutesy “BIRD!” and ice skating as a fawn. hace más de un año
cosmiccastaway apoyar por mí a my images
Hi, would tu be interested in participating in my icono contest? Here's the link: link publicado hace más de un año