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Finally there is a club for Daenerys :) I hope tu like it. publicado hace más de un año
Lizijana dicho de Dragon Booster
I gave tu the start, now continue working on this club... Don't force me to feel that I just had wasted my time here. publicado hace más de un año
Lizijana dicho de Vampire Academy
They gonna build a movie of Vampire academy (hurray!)
They are going to regard to fans' opinions/offers and choose actors accordingly. So, Dimitry will be played por Ben Barnes probably.
So, book series are finished, the marathon of cine starts :P publicado hace más de un año
Warrior-Petrova comentó…
Ben Barnes is probably not going to play Dimitri. He never heard about the libros + he might think this is another Twilight thing and when he auditioned for the role of Edward he dicho he was releaved he wasn't casted in Twilight. Plus he is way too old to be Dimitri. And also they don't even have a studio and they might only find one siguiente año so the casting might start around 2014. We'll still have to wait a while. hace más de un año
It's nice movie. But I'm confused about the kiss... Snow white woke up whant huntsman kisses her, not when William does that. What does that mean? That huntsman and Snow white amor each other very much o huntsman loves her as daughter and she him as father o what? publicado hace más de un año
bellatoddnellie comentó…
I think it just means that she prefers the Huntsman to William. But they don't exactly explai why. hace más de un año
Lizijana comentó…
Well... I don't think she prefers Huntsman more, because she kisses William(well, she think she does kiss him), not huntsman and in all movie she didn't pay any regard to him. I'm sooo confused >.< hace más de un año
Lizijana comentó…
Yea, I understand tu and I believe, that Huntsman loves her much más that William. But I don't understand the WAY of his love. Is he loving her ar daughter o as woman? Because the about romantic moment was only then when he kissed her (dead. Its a bit disgusting) and before it he havn't mostrar her no romantic feelings. Besides, he is much más older than her. And there is William... I just don't understand the way of their love... hace más de un año
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heya!!!are u still alive??!!! publicado hace más de un año
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Please registrarse my club link.
Good luck Friend! publicado hace más de un año
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ITS BEEEN A LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG time!how r u???really missed ya! publicado hace más de un año
bloomprinceton comentó…
where have u been???????really missed ya!!! hace más de un año
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Sent an ángel to watch over tu last night, but it came back. I asked why: ... The ángel said: " ángel don't watch over angels! " Twenty ángeles are IN your world. Ten of them are sleeping, nine are playing, one is lectura this message. Send this to ten friends including me. If i don't get one back, I'm not one of them. As soon as tu get five replies, someone tu amor will quietly surprise you....:) ♥ publicado hace más de un año
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