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What are the FUNNIEST Anime(s) YOU'VE seen?

141 answers | my answer: Ouran High School Host club, frutas Basket,Durarara,...

What are Your parte superior, arriba FOUR favorito! animes as of now?

215 answers | my answer: Hmmm right now... 1 Ouran HIgh School Host Club 2...

who is your favorito! character from each of these animes?

37 answers | my answer: 1. naruto - Hidan 2. Bleach - i haven't watched it...

Who are o is your favorito! anime teamups??

4 answers | my answer: wow that pic's hot! *drool* *shakes head* anyway...

in your opinion, which anime is a lengend???

18 answers | my answer: OHSHC!!

Who is your fav anime character that uses: magic, alchemy, bare ._. , o any other weird-thing that's not really considered a weapon? XD

44 answers | my answer: Haruhi Shizumia I amor how she got that computer!!...

What is the longest anime series that you've ever watched?

44 answers | my answer: naruto srsly this thing never ends...

Be honest who was your first anime crush?

261 answers | my answer: i'm not really sure but it was aither Yoh from Sham...

does any one like fruits basket o inuysha anymore?!?!?!?!?!!?

23 answers | my answer: i don't like inuysha but i really like frutas basket...

What anime should i watch?

13 answers | my answer: Watch black butler it's an awesome anime ^^