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Kishin_Kira dicho de alpha y omega

For those who were wondering. This is the link where I found it. It doesn't say much tbh. The plot summary was found on a different thread which I can't seem to find anymore. Sorry guys, but this looks legit on my end. publicado hace 20 horas
Kishin_Kira comentó…
Trigger Warning: There are people bashing the post because... well its 4Chan. Just saying. hace 20 horas
KnudsonBlitz comentó…
Safari dicho that the address was invalid. hace 20 horas
HumphreyWolfMan comentó…
Ah alright. XD Sadly to me it does look very legit. hace 15 horas
Kishin_Kira dicho de alpha y omega
Ok, who got my post deleted? publicado hace 20 horas
Imagine7197 comentó…
He who shall not be named. lol hace 20 horas
Kishin_Kira comentó…
I don't think it was anybody. I think this website is so broken due to neglect por the admins. hace 13 horas
Kishin_Kira dicho de alpha y omega
I found some más proof of alpha and omega 9. A user on 4chan leaked the logo. publicado hace 1 día
HumphreyWolfMan comentó…
Is it alright if I can ask for a link? hace 1 día