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((Lets have some fun with Phoebes children >:D))
Eclipse: What are tu planning?
((I wanted to see how people like Jason when hes older heheheh look at his new perfil pic, tu have the sexyest offspring phoes))
Eclipse: Er.. Thank you? He gets it from his father I guess

Jason:*Walks through cave rubbing blind eye* This place is rather confusing...*smacks into door and falls onto floor* Ow.... publicado hace más de un año
MeridianYJ comentó…
*looks up as the boy walks in* Hello there.. hace más de un año
FangYJ comentó…
*walks in with dog attached to leg**says calmly* Mel....come get your dog. Before. I. Ring. It's. Neck. *growls* hace más de un año
CoaxochYJ comentó…
O.O Bella! Off him! *Bella jumps off his leg and jumps onto arms*Holds her protectively* hace más de un año
*makes a laughing sound from my crib, screeching happy and loud* publicado hace más de un año
Eclipse-YJ comentó…
*leans over* hola there bunny-bbo hace más de un año
JasonYJ comentó…
*gurgles again and cuddles close* hace más de un año
Eclipse-YJ comentó…
*holds tu close* hace más de un año