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Jasmineana dicho de teen wolf
SO CONFUSED?!! Is scott still a lobo ?! And Dereks sexyy assss



publicado hace más de un año
lola20159 comentó…
yes I think he is still a wolf..I don't know! hace más de un año
sarabeara comentó…
Yep, he's still a wolf. Scott had to be the one to kill Peter to turn human. Since Derek did it, he's still a wolf. hace más de un año
iandamonfan comentó…
Still wolf. hace más de un año
yaritza21260 comentó…
yes hes still a lobo . hace más de un año
Jasmineana dicho de teen wolf
Watta whoreeeee..Kate used and betrayed derek.
Poor baby,his face,awwww he actually liked the perra .That's fucked up."/ CANT wait till the siguiente episode! I Think lydia becomes a she-wolf o_O publicado hace más de un año
lolibarbie comentó…
I think she will too. I can't wait either :) and ikr?!?! Kate...little whorebag >_> hace más de un año
bluevanilla3 comentó…
me too i think so. at first i thought kate was like pretty but like dont get me wrong she is but she is evil and rude to poor little derek i dont understand how they can have a thing especially when she is a hunter! hace más de un año
Viking46 comentó…
Right! That little bitch! hace más de un año
Jasmineana dicho de teen wolf
Its Funny, Cause Derek Still Ended Up Saving Scotts culo And Than Getting Captured Helping both Scott And Jackson Escape. Grrrr My FAV is most Def DEREK HALE<3YUM publicado hace más de un año
ForsakenMoon19 comentó…
But we still don't know what happened to Jackson, he kinda disappeared I hope he's ok:( And Scott I knew that vet was dirty I knew it all along!!! hace más de un año
cirocbottle comentó…
well of crouse he has to help scotts culo becuase the alpha want him to be in his pack but scott dosen't want to kill his old pack. hace más de un año
BonniEnDamoN18 comentó…
i think the vet just takes care of injured wolfs because like tu know hes a vetand they are "animals" o half anyways hace más de un año