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series coreanas

Drama recommendation needed

1 answer | my answer: Mhm maybe tu would like Master's Sun I miss tu...
series coreanas

Post a pic of yoon eun hye from the drama "My Fair Lady"

2 answers | my answer: [i]Yoon Eun Hye[/i]
series coreanas

Did Jun Ji Hyun already guested in Running Man? How about Kim Soo Hyun?

1 answer | my answer: [i]Jun Ji Hyun has never been on Running Man, but K...
padre de familia

Which character makes luagh your culo off the most?

39 answers | my answer: peter and stewie:DDD
padre de familia

Who is best?stewie o brian

14 answers | my answer: OF COURSE STEWIE:DDD

Has anybody else noticed that the Best Contributors lista on all of the clubes is really messed up?

9 answers | my answer: [i]Yes...I notice it yesterday and I thought that I...

Is the muro and comentarios on the muro not working for everyone else?

14 answers | my answer: Maybe they are working on something again. I hope i...

***Post a picture of rihanna with red hair***

6 answers | my answer: mine

post a pic of rihanna and justin bieber !!!!

4 answers | my answer: mine

favorito! Grammy-award dress !!!

4 answers | my answer: mne