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Well guys, thanks for voting. The encuesta is now closed. If tu must see the final results, they are here:

Only 13 of the old characters will come back in 2012. Well we finally know who those 13 old characters will be!

1. Noah (67 Votes)

2. Heather (36 Votes)

3 & 4. Courtney & Cody (34 Votes)

5. Gwen (29 Votes)

6. Ezekiel (27 Votes)

7. Bridgette (26 Votes)

8. Duncan (24 Votes)

9. Lindsay (22 Votes)

10. Tyler (20 Votes)

11 & 12. Trent & Alejandro (17 Votes)

13. Sierra (16 Votes) publicado hace más de un año

Vote for who tu would want to see get into Season 5 of Total Drama here!: link

The encuesta will close once we get 79 más Votes, so if tu haven't voted already, please vote now! publicado hace más de un año
alejandro must win in the US. Heather's ending is creepy. publicado hace más de un año
ILUVPop0920 comentó…
that was meant to be a comment. hace más de un año