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hola everyone, I recently joined and am loving every minuto of it, but I'm very unhappy with my username. I chose it on impulse because I intended to vote on one encuesta and leave forever, but quickly became hooked. I understand the only way to "delete" it is to borrar my current account and make a new one with the desired username.

I'm still debating on whether o not to do it, but just giving a head's up in case I follow through. publicado hace más de un año
MacytheStrange comentó…
If you're going to remake it, tu should do it soon. Before tu have a bunch of medallas and stuff that tu wouldn't wanna lose. :) hace más de un año
Flutey_Girl96 comentó…
What MacytheStrange dicho hace más de un año
Give1Take2 comentó…
*Oh, see tu soon! ^^ hace más de un año
CRaZy_rawR apoyar por mí a my images
A welcome from me! And may I say, tu have a lovely icon! publicado hace más de un año
Give1Take2 comentó…
Thank tu very much! ^_^ hace más de un año
Mongoose09 apoyar por mí a my comments
Welcome to Fanpop! I already find your comentarios well-thought out and intelligent. :) Oh and yay another person who doesn't like Ariel (this isn't a very positive thing to bond over but still, haha!) publicado hace más de un año
Give1Take2 comentó…
Thank tu very much, I'm glad to registrarse tu guys here. (And I understand about Ariel. She has so many dedicated followers everywhere, it's hard to find anyone who doesn't light the torches for saying "boo" about her.) hace más de un año