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  • United Kingdom
  • Favorite Movie: The Last Samurai, Hanna, SALT and Princess Mononoke
    Favorite Musician: The GazettE, Dir en grey, L'arc~en~ciel, Deluhi, Girugamesh, LM.C, Miyavi, Gackt, Golden Bomber, Shinee, UKISS and Tokio Hotel
    Favorite Book or Author: Anything manga o anime
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Yume-san apoyar por mí a my articles
por the way hun, I really amor your new perfil pic, tu look so adorable <3 publicado hace más de un año
Gitarisuto comentó…
Aww thanx! Hee hee 💕(≧∇≦)oh yeah! I wanted to ask if tu had an instagram account? Im más active on there (^o^) <3 hace más de un año
Yume-san comentó…
You're totally welcome :3 Naww I don't sorry, I have fb acc and skype, myanimelist, also on the last fm and jpopasia :P Do tu have there? :O hace más de un año
Gitarisuto comentó…
I have facebook and Skype! ^0^ hace más de un año
Yume-san comentó…
Oh awesome, if tu want tu can add me on both places ^^ Just send me a PM lol hace más de un año
Yume-san apoyar por mí a my articles
Omg hun, I've missed tu so much! Where have tu been? How are you? <3 publicado hace más de un año
Gitarisuto comentó…
I know!! missed tu lots! fan pop went a bit quiet and i got kinda caught up in well, life XD I have been great though! how about tu hun? xxxx hace más de un año
Yume-san comentó…
Awe sweet <3 Yeah true, I wasn't active here for like a año o maybe even more. Hehe glad to hear that. Umm I've been alright, kinda busy and stressed with school stuff tho :P hace más de un año
Yume-san apoyar por mí a my polls
Hi! Tnx a lot :) Yours,also cute xDD I'm sick now xP
Sorry for the late reply,but I was badly ill 3 months,I was barely alive T___T

How are you? ^^ publicado hace más de un año
Gitarisuto comentó…
Hi yume san!!! I am good thankyou!! Im sorry about tu being ill, i hope tu are getting better!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ hace más de un año
Yume-san comentó…
Awe thanks so much dear and I'm sorry for the late reply :/ hace más de un año
Yume-san comentó…
Hope you're doing well, I miss tu hace más de un año