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Celebrity Contests


8 answers | my answer: "Saving ppl,Hunting things,family buisness" -Dean...
Celebrity Contests

What celebridades Do tu Want To See In The Spot Look?

17 answers | my answer: I'd like,Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato,The Wanted,One...

Everyone!!!Write what tu think about and want to say to Shenali here!!!

2 answers | my answer: shen-ali is a great friend.She's kind,sweet & gener...

Does sayou,like Emma watson o Zayn malik more?

7 answers | my answer: ZAYN!

25 props! all tu have to do is post a picture (1st round)

8 answers | my answer: RED lips:)

What do tu think about MASS?

3 answers | my answer: Its a band where 2 girls go Highhh & the other 2 go...