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one direction

Who is the youngest member of 1D

28 answers | my answer: Duh!It's Harold<3
one direction

Lyric matchup 2!

3 answers | my answer: 1Tell me a lie 2Stole my hart 3Forever young
one direction

How would tu react if Harry o Niall got a girlfriend?

10 answers | my answer: hope it's not gonna b sum slut
harry styles

Why Is Harry Styles Sooooo Amazing And Hot?!?!

25 answers | my answer: I hav no idea,maybe cuz his mom is hot too!
harry styles

where can I find the full version of Dark?

1 answer | my answer: Uhh i wish i knew!! I began lectura it on wattpad a...
louis tomlinson

Post the sexiest picture of Louis tu can! Post it :)

5 answers | my answer: Lou u rock!
louis tomlinson

Should louis tomlinson go out with me?

3 answers | my answer: Sweetie i don't know what kind of a person u r o y...
louis tomlinson


7 answers | my answer: Tommo<3
louis tomlinson

what is the best part of louies face?

8 answers | my answer: 'k let's see his eyes,lips,nose,teeth,eyebrows,ears...
Sri Lanka

what is ur favorito! place in sri lanka...? post with a beautiful pic ...i'll give 20 apoyar to WINNER....

6 answers | my answer: Saw this in 'Sinharaja':)