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one direction

What is ur favorito! Song? from them?

9 answers | my answer: I never get tired of listening to any of their song...
one direction

How much out 100 do tu amor 1D ?? :)

13 answers | my answer: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000...
one direction

Rate One Directions band members! Niall is the cutest whats your answer?

27 answers | my answer: LOUIS<3
one direction

If one of the boys accidentally kissed tu what would tu do?

41 answers | my answer: I would definitely kiss him back!getting a kiss frm...
one direction

1D Dictionary....

6 answers | my answer: Babies-Louis Tomlinson luvs bebés & when he was sm...
one direction

Who is your favorito! Harry liam zain o nial ?

74 answers | my answer: hola what 'bout Louis my favs r Louis & Niall
one direction

Who would be the best dad ? and why ?

9 answers | my answer: Liam cuz he's way más matured than the others!
one direction

1D will have some shows in Asia, right ?

1 answer | my answer: idk but they MUST tour in asia!!!
one direction


10 answers | my answer: ikr many ppl ask that and i get furious.THEY R NOT...
one direction

Have tu ever had a dream about One Direction?

69 answers | my answer: Yeah I had 2 1)I was @ da playa with Niall and Zay...