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Please can tu registrarse my club

link publicado hace más de un año
"I've decided to kind of migrate back to DA. Its got nothing to do with anyone here o just the site all together. Here recently I found a way to blow past the firewalls in the internet fuente I use. Meaning, I won't be on fanpop at all.
"So, y'know where to find me if the fancy takes you." publicado hace más de un año
ALoneWolf000 comentó…
I should be opening a new DA shortly... hace más de un año
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We have the same veiws on the epicness of Anders XD publicado hace más de un año
Evolia-Wulf comentó…
"Your attempt to become an equal fan has failed. NO ONE has the same vistas as mine towards the epicness of Anders. Ohohoh- but your effort is amusing..." hace más de un año
big smile
Evolia-Wulf dicho …
"Finally! My Inbox, Sent, and Trash slots are all squeaky clean. It's been an annoying año watching the thousands of messages gathering there." publicado hace más de un año
"While I'm happy some of tu guys are messaging me again, manly about my article, (<3 <3 <3)- I'd like to ask that I get some alone time. A reciente pet peeve of mine just triggered and exploded into a full-on, one sided rant that left me in a very despicable mood. And más than likely last a few days. Don't wanna chew innocents out over my frustrations.
"Just a warning for those planning to interact with me later. No attention o cuddles needed." publicado hace más de un año
Emo-Bunny comentó…
Okay. hace más de un año
MattTheLynxX comentó…
Okidoke. hace más de un año
Rachel_Savaya comentó…
o.o" er-....does this have anything to do with our chat via text message last night...? >.< i feelz SO BAD about that... hace más de un año
Alice-Jade comentó…
Uhhh......... hace más de un año
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Oh!! No problem 'bout the add!! =D publicado hace más de un año
E-Scope90 dicho …
Hello question...why do tu always use quotation marks? publicado hace más de un año
Evolia-Wulf comentó…
"Its just the way I type. Its my way of expressing the way I speak on here. Nothing more. Why do tu ask? Does it bother you?" hace más de un año
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I have this stuck in my head. ;-; It's now going into yours. publicado hace más de un año
Evolia-Wulf comentó…
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" hace más de un año
AmyRosefan4eva comentó…
:D hace más de un año
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That perra Hannah is gone now. :) Awesome team work. publicado hace más de un año
Evolia-Wulf comentó…
"AWWW YEAH! That's how tu take out GARBADGE!" hace más de un año
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Can tu please registrarse my friend's clubs, they are for Pokemon characters. tu don't have to registrarse but it would be nice if tu did :)
link publicado hace más de un año