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A apoyo for your videos on the Jack & Kate club publicado hace más de un año
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If tu are interested to do part time job (work from home) then mail me o give your mail id i will send tu details about work o add me in skype.

My skype id : akilesh_kumar

Thanks & Regards
Akilesh kumar publicado hace más de un año
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link publicado hace más de un año
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For your awesome icono & Lema :) <3 publicado hace más de un año
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lost and damien arroz and game of thrones and misfits and adele and lord of the rings, oh my! i think we are soul mates. publicado hace más de un año
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gaah, I'm such a weird person - I've been lectura GoT for like three months (or more, lol), but recently I got that mood, and I finished it, read A Clash of Kings in a week and I'm done with 3/5 of A Storm of Swords.
What means I read today Red Wedding.
what is life.
;_________; publicado hace más de un año
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oh man. everywhere accept fanpop, apparently! :) publicado hace más de un año
marissa comentó…
just followed your tumblr - it looks flawless! but then, what else did i expect from you? hace más de un año
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I'm good, not doing much. Uni is finally starting so I'll probably get busy

ohh, I'm so meh on fringe rn :/ publicado hace más de un año
nandacavalieri dicho …

and I read A Storm of Sword's Red Wedding. Kill me now. publicado hace más de un año
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I know it's been ages, but your iconos are *still* stunning, my dear. publicado hace más de un año