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harry potter

If tu could ask Harry Potter one question, what would tu ask?

11 answers | my answer: I would ask him why he thinks he could do it alone...
Buffy, la cazavampiros

In your opinion, who was the best partner for Buffy? Sorry if this has been asked.

23 answers | my answer: I will have to say Spike even if he did go crazy an...
Buffy, la cazavampiros

What's your opinion of Dawn?

7 answers | my answer: Personally I think she is Whiny and bratty. I a...

If tu could have any book turned into a film what book would it be and why?

7 answers | my answer: I would probably have to say Duma key por Stephen Ki...
libros para leer

I need a book about true love(something like the amor between Edward and Bella from Twilight o Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy). I doesn't necesarly have to be with vampires. Any ideas?

8 answers | my answer: queen of the Damned por Anne Rice. Their amor evoles...
libros para leer

hola people, i need help!!!! (i'll give apoyar if u answer)

2 answers | my answer: Use one of your favorito! libros like if tu enjoy th...
libros para leer

what libros would tu recomend to people

6 answers | my answer: Twilight Saga(Stephine Meyer) Vampire Dairies(L.J....
Kyle XY

Does it matter to tu that Matt Dallas is gay?

3 answers | my answer: nope it dosn't bother me, either way he is still a...

What is your favorito! navidad mostrar o movie?

7 answers | my answer: Dr.Seuss's How The Grinch estola Christmas. (I look...
piratas del caribe

Did tu know that Keira and Orlando are not going to be able to be in the 4th movie of pirates of the caribbean.Do tu think is going to be the same without them

30 answers | my answer: It will still be good because the 4th movie is all...