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Hi publicado hace más de un año
I hope segundo season will be más interesting. The first half of 1st season was good, but mostrar went downhill after Mary married Francis. It's even clear after seeing huge rating drop. I hope mostrar will get
better. publicado hace más de un año
Aileen2 comentó…
I really liked the segundo part of the season. Except the Lola baby story line...I thought it was pretty good! <3 hace más de un año
MaryElizabeth comentó…
It's sad to realize that this mostrar actually had a potential but now it's pretty much ruined. Season finale reached series low, with all the news about Mash not happening this mostrar will most definitely have it's last season. I'm just happy I don't care anymore! hace más de un año
brimenyy comentó…
It's ruined for you. But tu know, there's más to the mostrar than just shipping. It's story line and character development. Mash could never actually happen, so the writers dropped it. This world has enough amor triangles already. hace más de un año
HFU comentó…
@DamonElenaFan I agree! I felt the same! -_- hace más de un año
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link publicado hace más de un año