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DIGGYS_WIFE dicho de Diggy Simmons
I wanna say this club is SOOO COOOOL!!! So happy to join!! my name is Kelly and I'm from Tennessee and I'm 15, I amor DIGGY SIMMONS SO MUCH!!! So happy to see he's got so many fans on here I seriously am crazy about Diggy, I listen to other música too but I can't live without DIGGY in my life through his amazing songs ("Do It Like You" is my FAVE!!) I listen to them every day! publicado hace más de un año
Diggy_luv15 comentó…
Welcome to the club!!! It's so awesome here because all of us amor Diggy so much... my room is like a shrine to all things Diggy :) I'm so glad we are growing in new members here I just hope we get más and more! hace más de un año
Kenzykins comentó…
Hi Kelly welcome to the club!! I'm from Bloomington, IN and a crazed Diggy Simmons fan as well! a lot of my girlfriends are totally into him too :) hace más de un año
diggysgurl15 comentó…
I'm 15 and I LUVVVVV DIGGY too!! hace más de un año