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post an anime character with WTF face

22 answers | my answer: Perfect question! Mine is from Hetalia!

What in your opinion is the best part about anime?

12 answers | my answer: I feel the best part to a (good) one is the perfect...

Cutest anime charictor

28 answers | my answer: chibi America. (looks even cuter when with England...

Post your favorito! opening

19 answers | my answer: Srry if I'm breaking the serious mood here, but Mar...

What were your first 5 anime that tu watched?

20 answers | my answer: 1.) I could SWEAR I watched that hámster one when I...

post a picture of an anime character(s) that looks like an anime "K-ON"

5 answers | my answer: hetalia K-ON Parody

Post an anime character who's name starts with the first letter of your username! (I'll give props! XD)

255 answers | my answer: How about Chi from Chobits? She's a really nice cha...

What are the FUNNIEST Anime(s) YOU'VE seen?

141 answers | my answer: Even though someone already dicho this...I think Het...

Do tu know any red-haired anime girls?

377 answers | my answer: I don't know if Vocaloid counts, but CUL has red ha...

post a picture for an anime wearing playa suit

24 answers | my answer: Konata and the gang. (Lucky Star)