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CatsLover8 dicho de misceláneo
i wish i can be 10 año old again
my mom was the only person who could put me to sleep fast
she gets angry so fast
yells at me GO TO cama NOWWWWWW
im like in a coma 5 minutos later lol publicado hace 7 días
Mauserfan1910 comentó…
I've never been able to sleep like that hace 7 días
ArcticWolf comentó…
That's funny, when I was younger it took me over an hora to fall asleep. When I heard in books/movies/etc. that a certain character fell asleep in less than 5 minutos I always thought the writer was exaggerating to emphasize the fact that the character was tired. It wasn't until a año o two hace that I learned that a lot of people actually DO fall asleep in a matter of minutos and I was the odd one out hace 6 días
ArcticWolf comentó…
@people who fall asleep in a matter of minutes: WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? hace 6 días
CatsLover8 dicho de misceláneo
tu never know the value of your health until tu get sick

my butt has been exposed

i hate hospitals publicado hace 21 días
TheLefteris24 comentó…
#Relatable !!!! hace 21 días
TheLefteris24 comentó…
I wish tu a Good Recovery !!!! hace 21 días
CatsLover8 comentó…
thank tu hace 21 días