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Could someone subir the rest of season 1 of barbie dream house adventures.
I understand that Netflix is blowing up however it’s not available everywhere and when it will be the price will be a bit high. publicado hace 6 meses
Mattel has created their own movie division which means they'll be making cine and specials so it's probably not the end of barbie movies. publicado hace 8 meses
mhikari comentó…
Cool there still hopes. hace 8 meses
BarbieRosella comentó…
That's good news... I guess. hace 8 meses
Sparklefairy375 comentó…
I hope they're just taking a hiatus and not discontinued the movies... hace 8 meses
FairyElina14 comentó…
I still believe they will mke más hace 8 meses
Could someone please subir the episodes here o at least send the link for dreamhouse adventures publicado hace más de un año