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BonJovi9684 dicho de justin bieber
no onws really jealous of jb anymore, theirs alot más attractive guys and alot más talented ones too. alot más artist started earlier than him...mj-5 years old, acdc-10 years old, etc. plus these bands have sold más records than him too, mj-1.2 billion, acdc-500 million, justin-11.3 million publicado hace más de un año
jakharia comentó…
iam gonna be a rapper soon hace más de un año
ulovmykisses comentó…
Oh wow like that's going to make people quit likening and believing in him. Why r u on his page anyway. hace más de un año
BonJovi9684 comentó…
jakharia, youll be a better rapper than jb (he cant rap) and ulovmykisses hes losing fans, i went to the mall today there was only 1 o 2 of his new album sold and all of his other albums only have like 5or 6, face it HE SUCKS!!!!! hace más de un año
BonJovi9684 dicho de justin bieber
people who say justin is famous world wide is wrong! i went on musicinfluence.com and it says 64% of the world doesnt know who he is, my friends in greece, australia, norway and sweden have never even heard of him publicado hace más de un año
1ilovewolfs comentó…
who are tu hace más de un año
BonJovi9684 comentó…
im a person, you... hace más de un año
jdbfanforever comentó…
stop and shut up if yall dont like him then get off hace más de un año
BonJovi9684 dicho de justin bieber
jw whats with tu bieber fans and comparing jb to the gods of música like the beatles, michael jackson,
elvis, bruce springsteen, etc...jb isnt that good of an musician to be compared to those guys, so stop! its annoying to everyone!! publicado hace más de un año