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Hello :)

Any chance I could get tu to vote and maybe leave a comentario in this disney encuesta I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comentario and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) publicado hace 5 meses
matvanbur dicho …
Hi there!

I am totally new here and just recently discovered Torchwood and of course quickly became addicted. . I live in Pittsburgh and was hoping to make it to San Diego to see the big Comic Con show, but cannot, then I came across this video offer, link.

Do fans like this stuff? Do people sign up?? I did, I would amor to see what happens when it gets to 1000!! publicado hace más de un año
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I thought it was fun to play your Buffy seasons game! and I wasn't sure which apoyo to give tu so sorry about that! :) publicado hace más de un año
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hola hola hey! I miss your buffycasts :( Will tu ever take on something like that again? publicado hace más de un año
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hi publicado hace más de un año
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apoyar to all the comentarios tu leave on the BtVS spot :) They are all so insightful and entertaining, and I agree with many of them. publicado hace más de un año
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"Dean. Impala. Back. I've made my point." Nice retort! publicado hace más de un año
applegirl45 comentó…
hi hace más de un año
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link publicado hace más de un año
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I amor the video UGLY it was so cool. publicado hace más de un año
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Week forty-five is DOWN! Only seven más casts until the big five-two! tu go, girl! Was that too cliche? publicado hace más de un año