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tu won Round 17 of Best Lyric! publicado hace 6 días
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apoyar for your beautiful icon! publicado hace 6 días
ApplesauceDoctr comentó…
Aw, thank you! :) hace 6 días
big smile
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Pretty Elsa icono :3 publicado hace 12 días
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Aw, thanks! :D I should admit I didn’t diseño it, but I touched it up and added text. See tu around! hace 12 días
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tu won Round 9 of Best Quote! publicado hace 2 meses
Air quality has been poor in Northern California due to the fires. School has been cancelled every día this week for me, and tomorrow, several colleges and school districts are closed. Best wishes to all those affected por these conditions and of course to those directly impacted por the fires. publicado hace 2 meses
MaidofOrleans comentó…
Stay safe! Hope tu and your loved ones are not in harm's way. hace 2 meses
deedragongirl comentó…
Will pray for California, I hope everyone is fine. hace 2 meses
Renegade1765 comentó…
I don't know if it passed, but if it didn't, then I wish tu the best and I pray tu and your family will turn out allright. hace 1 mes
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tu won Round 7 of Best Character Quote! publicado hace 2 meses
BB2010 apoyar por mí a my comments
tu won Round 2 of Best Character Qoute! publicado hace 3 meses
PrincessAyeka12 dicho …
Hi, I thought since tu liked my other ones. tu might enjoy the latest one, I made. link
I’m also creating a famous frases one. It shows that cenicienta is an indecisive but sensible shopper, so far. publicado hace 4 meses
Any thoughts on Nutcracker and the Four Realms? The final trailer was released online today. So far, I'm hoping this movie is enjoyable because some things in the trailer look cool and/or great. However, I'm concerned for the story and some of the acting. I can't help feeling it will resemble Alice in Wonderland (2010), which I could barely watch. publicado hace 4 meses
Sparklefairy375 comentó…
Rather than Alice in Wonderland, I think the movie looks like a mix of Through the Looking Glass (2016) and Narnia. It has interesting concept and I hope they executed it well. hace 4 meses
Swanpride comentó…
I amor the Nutcracker, so I hope it will be great and do great, but I have some concerns, too. Still, the música alone would most likely carry me through the movie hace 4 meses
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^this IS the DP page... hace 3 meses
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Hi. I hope that tu have a wonderful weekend. publicado hace 4 meses