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The banner election is finally up! Go ahead and make your vote! publicado hace 7 meses
Hello again, fans. Once again, I'm very sorry to be late posting the banner poll. I postponed this because at this point in time, I can't create a formal banner election; we will need to have 11 fans in order to do this. I'm choosing to wait until then in order to make things as fair as possible. I hope tu understand, and again I apologize for the delay. publicado hace 7 meses
Hi Revival fans! I'm late to do this, for which I apologize, but I plan on creating the encuesta for voting for the club banner on Monday, July 3. That leaves a couple days for any más submissions, so get those in and I'll see tu around! publicado hace 7 meses
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P.S. tu can make your submissions on the foros post "Club Banner and discussion". hace 7 meses
Renegade1765 apoyar por mí a my answers
Hi! Look, I don't want to force anything on you, but I shared that articulo with tu because I thought you'd be interested, since tu loved my Elsa article. I made one for Anna because I amor her almost as much, and I wanted to share it with you. But, tu haven't replied. Again, I'm very sorry if I sound like I'm forcing this on you. publicado hace 7 meses
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Thank tu for the apoyo and for sharing the articulo with me. It's true I liked the Elsa article, and I read over this new one too. But hopefully tu understand that I don't comentario on everything that I read. Looking back, I wish I at least gave tu a "Hey, thanks, I'll go check it out!," but it didn't come to mind since I was out of town and just browsing over notifications and messages. I'm sorry that I left tu hanging when tu were probably hoping to hear back from me. hace 7 meses
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I understand. It's just that, ever since the first I saw that people comentó on my very first article, I wanted to see what they think of my opinions. I'm not saying that I only write artículos for people to comentario on them, but to express my opinion. The comentario part was just a part of it - not the main reason. Plus, you're my friend, and I wanted to share it with you, and others as well - especially with Wavesurf. If tu don't want to comentario on it, I understand. It's your decision, and I respect that. It's just...for an articulo like this, I expected más people to be interested in lectura it. And again, I'm sorry if I sound like I want to force tu o manipulate tu into lectura it, because I'm not. If tu don't want to comment, that's fine with me. hace 7 meses
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Idk I felt like tu deserved a prop! You're like one of the nicest users on fanpop! publicado hace 8 meses
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Wow, thank tu so much! That means a lot. tu made my día when I saw that (I'm escritura back late because I was out of town, but the point still stands!). Have a great day! hace 7 meses
hola guys! I publicado a follow-up on the Club Banner foros thread a few days ago. If tu haven't checked it out already, it'd be great if tu could; I need some más info and any consejos before we can continue with that. Thank tu :D publicado hace 10 meses
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Whether o not tu got my message o not, I just hope tu can forgive me. publicado hace 10 meses
ApplesauceDoctr dicho de disney
Hi disney club! A few days hace I made a club dedicated to the disney revival era, and I wanted to share the link in case anyone is curious. There's also an opportunity to diseño a banner for the club for any artists out there. Thanks and see tu around! link publicado hace 10 meses
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Hi! It took me hours, but I managed to wrote down my favorito! disney cine from the Revival Era. Here: linkIf tu have time, please read it, and tell your thoughts about it. hace 10 meses
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Wow hace 9 meses
Hi Fanpop! I've just made a club dedicated to the disney Revival era. If anyone wants to come check it out, I'll leave a link here. See tu guys around!
link publicado hace 10 meses
Welcome to the club! publicado hace 10 meses
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Welcome! :) hace 10 meses