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Very good movie♥ Leo is the best, okay this is logical, isn't it? I mean, he is the king of the world !! publicado hace más de un año
Blood Diamod is a really good, exciting, awesome.... movie ♥ I really recommend to watch it ! The best thing is Leo♥ publicado hace más de un año
jamesdicaprio comentó…
I like his south African accent hace más de un año
I Really recommend this movie. It's funny, awesome and simply perfect ♥ publicado hace más de un año
AnnaDiCaprio comentó…
the best in this movie is Leonardo DiCaprio, King of the World ♥ hace más de un año
Do everyone know the adress from Leo? Iknow he lives in California, but I want to know his full adress . Do everyone know? publicado hace más de un año