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Why are their so many animated 3d cartoon than the classic cartoons?

11 answers | my answer: Well acutally, I read on the internet that disney d...

does any one like the música in the begining of the lion king

12 answers | my answer: I sure do! :D Everytime I hear the música at the beg...

whats your favorito! parte superior, arriba 3 disney animated films???

67 answers | my answer: 1. The Jungle Book 2. The Lion King 3. Alice in W...

When tu hear "DISNEY", which is the first that occurs to you?

64 answers | my answer: Usually Micky ratón and the famous disney films lik...

If tu could fecha any disney Animated Character, who would it be?

20 answers | my answer: Alice from "Alice in Wonderland". I would fecha her...

I really need help... (Loneliness Advice)

6 answers | my answer: First off, I think it is really, really great that...

Who believes in JESUS? WHY?

8 answers | my answer: I've always believed in him. I don't exactly have a...
comics de marvel

did tu know that the incredible hulk(movie) is connected to iron man(movie) that is connected to the new movie thor?

3 answers | my answer: possibly it is a saga for the avengers movie coming...
comics de marvel

Who are tu favorito! Marvel Villain(s) and why?

7 answers | my answer: venom- because of the way he appeears and he is sup...

What's your favorito! anime Show??

122 answers | my answer: My favortie anime is "Cardcaptor Sakura". Prouably...