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hola Guys! When was the last favorito! disney PRINCESS countdown? Back in the old days it was made boy princesslullaby yearly, but she's apparently not active. Moana, Anna and Elsa were officialized (well, as much as they will ever be), so maybe it's about time. What do tu think? (if there was one recently, please link me to the articulo so I can see the opinions of the current users about the DPs!) publicado hace 24 días
MaidofOrleans comentó…
That would be fun! I ran one at the end of 2016, but I don't know if that's the most reciente since I haven't been active lately. Here's the link: link hace 24 días
Hi people! I'd like to invite everyone to participate in my new countdown: if every princess was dado the task of returning Te Fiti's corazón like Moana was, who would be the most likely to suceed?

Please leave a comentario in every round! It's a great opportunity to discuss the princesses personalities :)
Kisses! =* publicado hace más de un año
I really loved Moana, but I was disappointed por some aspects (I might write an articulo on that later)... But now I'd like to ask tu a question.... In the brazilian dubbing, when Maui is escritura the corazón and the thumbs up in Moana's oar, he says what would translate to: "This is just like FACEBEAK". Aside of being a terrible joke, that dates the movie a lot, is inconsistent with the time period the movie is set on, and is unfitting for a DP movie. Does the original version contain that joke?? publicado hace más de un año
fadake1234 comentó…
Yeah in the original maui dicho instead of that "you use a bird to write with it's called tweeting" hace más de un año
Hi, people! Does anyone here remember me? I'm and old member of this fanclub, and although I spy on it from time to time, only today, after watching Moana, I decided to write an articulo updating my fave DP list. I am looking foward to people comentario on it and discuss disney with people who really understand about the subject, like in the old times! Missed tu all =*
link publicado hace más de un año
tiffany88 comentó…
Sure ^^Welcome back! Always nice to see old users around. I really miss the good old days! hace más de un año
wavesurf comentó…
Welcome back!! hace más de un año
MalloMar comentó…
Welcome back! hace más de un año
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Any chance I could get tu to vote and maybe leave a comentario in this disney encuesta I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comentario and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) publicado hace más de un año
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tu are the winner of POTM icono Challenge for Belle's Round. Congrats! publicado hace más de un año
Results for The Walking Dead countdown! Thanks for everyone that participated, I think the results are pretty accurate. My siguiente countdown is: MOST popular disney PRINCESS (not in fanpop, among en general, general people).
13 - Snow White
12 - Anna
11 - Ariel
10 - Aurora
09 - Cinderella
08 - Belle
07 - Jasmine
06 - Rapunzel
05 - Tiana
04 - Pocahontas
03 - Elsa
02 - Merida
01 - mulan publicado hace más de un año
AnimaIuco comentó…
Maybe I would put jazmín a little lower and switch Tiana and Rapunzel, but that's it =) hace más de un año
truth76 comentó…
Agree with the parte superior, arriba 3. hace más de un año
LupinPrincess comentó…
I don't understand why elsa wouldn't be number with those super ice powers hace más de un año
So... Every time I make a encuesta o a muro post here it doesn't appear in the encuestas section o in the muro for me, although people comentario and vote. Are tu guys seeing my posts? That's so upseting!!! publicado hace más de un año
MalloMar comentó…
Well, I see this one, and the Walking Dead poll...I'm sorry. hace más de un año
I was sure I had fanned tu before! publicado hace más de un año
Merry christmas, people! I amor tu all and wish tu all hapiness today <3 publicado hace más de un año
haynay24 comentó…
Same to tu girl, and for everyone Merry navidad ^^ hace más de un año
DIAMELA comentó…
Merry christmas!! Best wishes!! hace más de un año
nmdis comentó…
Merry navidad hace más de un año
Maria7Potter comentó…
Merry Christmas!!! hace más de un año