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    Favorite Book or Author: ‘Chronicles Of Dema, the Story Of Trench’
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Hey, thanks for the add!
I added tu back :) publicado hace 7 días
2ntyOnePilots dicho de misceláneo
Oh um just wanted apologize and add that any decreased / unconformative /unstructured activity of mine recently o in the siguiente few days is because (spare tu all the stressful details) I’m having to switch medication after having taken the same thing for 3 years. (*screams internally*) If I’m not here, it’s probably because I’m asleep because (extremely) unlike my usual self, I can’t stay awake. o because I’m taking painkillers for headaches and trying to cope. publicado hace 12 días
2ntyOnePilots comentó…
Chances are, no one will be able to tell the difference, but just in caseHate to h@ve To b3 like this but I just wanted to let tu guys know. hace 12 días
2ntyOnePilots comentó…
And hopefully after this siguiente week of taking the shit, I’ll have the chance to switch back to the old stuff that ‘makes my anxiety ect increasingly and permanently worse’ but at least doesn’t mess up my personality and screw with every lasting bit of stability. (8m ok thou rn actually. Everything’s under control I think) So uh yeah NOTE TO SELF talk to Doc. hace 12 días
ArcticWolf comentó…
You're fine, dude. hace 10 días
March 22 is on its way. 16 days left from tomorrow publicado hace 12 días
2ntyOnePilots comentó…
*today hace 12 días
twinklestar11 comentó…
it been so long since i listened to MCR last... it was 7th grade.... geez thats a long time hace hace 12 días
2ntyOnePilots comentó…
Haha listen to Bulletproof corazón now then! hace 11 días